Landing Zone Construction Kit

Landing Zone Construction Kit

build and deploy modular landing zones

Get Started Introduction

Modular Approach

Assemble landing zones from capability-focused building blocks.


Manage landing zones and cloud tenants as code in git and automate workflows with GitOps.

Multi-Cloud Workflow

Develop and deploy landing zones with a consistent workflow across all platforms.

Terraform Modules

Leverage existing infrastructure as code built as Terraform modules.

Compliance Built-In

Capture compliance requirements for your landing zones and document their implementation as policies.


Generate developer documentation for application teams building on your land zones and compliance documentation

Build Landing Zones easily

Use collieopen in new window cli to easily work with the landing zone construction kit

# initialize a new collie repository
collie init

# add a cloud foundation connecting your platforms
collie foundation new "my-foundation"

# create a new kit module with an infrastructure as code template
collie kit new "aws/organization-policies"   

# apply the kit module to one of your cloud foundation's platforms
collie kit apply "aws/organization-policies"

# deploy all modules applied to the foundation to build your landing zone
collie foundation deploy "my-foundation"