Kit Module

A kit module is a standard terraform module implementing lightweight conventions that enable construction kit tooling.

Kit modules must be stored in the /kit path of the construction kit repository, e.g. /kit/aws/my-module/. The id of the module is its path relative to the kit/ folder, e.g. aws/my-module in the given example.

At a minimum, a kit module must consist of a terraform module and file meeting the following conventions.


The readme contains module documentation and structured kit module metadata in YAML frontmatter. The frontmatter must contain two mandatory property keys name and summary describing each module:

name: My Module name
summary: |
  describe what the module does
compliance: # optional
  - control: framework/control # control id (relative path to the control's .md file without extension)
    statement: |
      describe how this module implements the control
# My Module

Your extensive module description here...


collie foundation docs leverages the name and summary properties to render references to the module in the documentation of platforms that apply this module.

Compliance Statements

Kit modules can also have optional additional compliance statements. Compliance statements document how a module implence controls imposed by the foundation's compliance frameworks. See compliance for more details.

A compliance statement must have these properties

  • control references the id of the compliance control. The id is the path to the control configuration file relative to the compliance/ directory without the .md extension
  • statement is a human-readable text that describes how the kit module implements the compliance control

Terraform Module

A kit module is a standard terraform module that adheres to the following conventions.

Documentation Output

The terraform module has

  • an input variable output_md_file describing the path where the module will render a markdown file documenting its configuration in a human-readable form for landing zone stakeholders
  • a resource local_file "output_md" that writes to the path specified by output_md_file

Module Documentation

The terraform module should document all it's variables and outputs. This means that every variable should have a description field:

variable "aws_root_account_id" {
  type        = string
  description = "The id of your AWS Organization's root account"


collie foundation docs will attempt to generate this documentation using terraform-docs and appends this to the kit module's